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Afrique du Sud | Les Dégommeuses | Lesbiennes | militantisme | Non classé | solidarité internationale | Zanele Muholi | 18.07.2013 - 15 h 17 | 1 COMMENTAIRES
« Dear Dudu »: letter to a young 26 old woman murdered for being lesbian

Dudu Zozo, a young 26 year old lesbian, was murdered a few steps away from her home on June 30. Her body was found with a toilet brush inserted into her vagina.
The funeral, which had to take place on July 6., had to be postponed to the 13. because the family had no money to pay the for vituailles and transport.

Les Dégommeuses, with two other French lesbian organizations (Fol Effet & FTN) and private donors raised some funds to help the Here is the message that we sent to Dudu & relatives.


Picture by Collen Mfazwe for Inkanyiso

Picture by Collen Mfazwe for Inkanyiso

« We stood by grave site and waited for her coffin to be lowered…
We were all hurt, comrades on the other side chanting songs of freedom »
Dear Dudu,
Incredulity, sadness, pain, disgust, anger, rage, compassion, support… We are missing words to express the deep emotion caused by your passing.
In France, where we live, that is thousands of kilometers away from Thokoza, it is so strange to have the impression of having lost one member of our family; and to fear for the future of each of y/our remaining sisters in South-Africa.
Indeed, we lesbians – South African and French, black and white, rich and poor, young and elderly… – belong to the same family. This family is all the more united as it has been chosen. Because we might not choose who we are, but we choose where we go, and above all with whom we want to go… Therefore, the world must know that our family is and it will always be PROUD and INDESTRUCTIBLE, even when it is eaten away by grief like today. And your coward attackers must also know that each time one of us dies another one will stand erect for two.
Dudu, we will not forget you, as we will not forget all other lesbians, victims of stupidity, hate and ferocity, who died for not denying themselves.
May your memory give us the strength to fight even harder, each day, for a fairer and worthier world, where lesbians, gays and trans will at last have the possibility to be what they are and to love who they love in peace.
With all our affection and respect.
Les Dégommeuses, with Fol Effet and Collectif FTN

Please check out LGBT media Inkanyiso for more information

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« Dear Dudu »: letter to a young 26 old woman murdered for being lesbian
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